Sustainable and vegan footwear certifications

Today there is a wide variety of certificates that guarantee the traceability of sustainable and vegan materials. But what is the meaning of each seal? Do the certifications guarantee that a brand is sustainable? And most importantly... Why are certifications necessary in sustainable fashion?

Certifications are one of the most effective methods to confirm that products are manufactured under standards of environmental responsibility and work ethics. These certifications can be product certifications, where the compositions of organic materials are analyzed, such as the PETA-Approved Vegan certificate, or company certifications, which analyze that brands are truly ethical and sustainable in their management practices from the production phase 0 to the delivery of the product to the final customer, such as the Ethical Time certification.

In sustainable footwear, the certification that shows the highest indicators is the Carbon Footprint. Through this study we can improve processes to reduce the carbon footprint produced by each pair of sustainable shoes . Minimizing the use of components and working with local suppliers are some of the practices that improve the carbon footprint.

Through its sustainable collections, Laüd Recycled has reduced its carbon footprint by 40%. It also has different certifications that endorse it as a vegan and environmentally friendly brand.

PETA-Approved Vegan is one of the most solid certifications to guarantee that none of the products used are of animal origin. This certificate guarantees that the Laüd Recycled brand is vegan, giving priority to animal welfare before any other element.

Through a statement of responsibility, suppliers certify that none of the materials they supply to the brand are of animal origin.

Carbonfootprint, a certificate issued by INESCOP, the footwear technology center. Through this certificate you can control or even minimize energy consumption in production, while reducing their emissions of carbon dioxide CO2. In Laüd Recycled, the carbon footprint is reduced by 40% compared to other footwear of the same characteristics manufactured with non-sustainable materials and outside the EU.

Real Sustainable Fashion is a verifier that through a holistic study of the brand, suppliers, factories, raw materials, production and sales, VERIFY that the brands are really ethical and sustainable. With their seal it is guaranteed that the brands are not only sustainable by the % of recycled materials, but they also take into account the labor and ethical conditions in which the people related to the brand work.

Sustainable sneaker

The taxes paid by the self-employed or companies contribute to the economic and social development of the country

Laüd Recycled has the Huella Fiscal certificate that certifies that we pay taxes in Spain.

The HF makes it easier for the consumer to know where the products come from and with this information, the consumer can freely decide where and how he wants to spend his money.

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