How to clean your sustainable sneakers

Surely you have ever wondered how to wash your sneakers, what kind of products to use or if it is possible to wash them in the washing machine. Each material combined with the type of sole has some peculiar characteristics that limit the washing method that can be applied to them. 

As a general rule, no type of shoe can be machine washed except those where machine washing is one of their qualities, such as children's shoes.

At Laüd Recycled, sustainable slippers incorporate technical features such as antibacterial insoles. These insoles are removable and are made from the remains of mattresses and pillows and include an antibacterial material that helps the breathability of the feet, protecting them from possible infections. This type of material cannot be machine washed. 

Vegan leather as well as leather is recommended to be washed with a damp cloth and neutral ph soap. Under no circumstances should it be washed with any other type of product. Bleach, disinfectants, ammonia, solvents... are products that, when applied on vegan leather, modify its characteristics and damage the material.

Recycled fabrics made of pet, cotton, corn, bamboo or other components can be cleaned superficially with, for example, a damp brush and a drop of neutral pH soap. It is not necessary to apply force in the washing, because the fibers can fray, cut or break. A delicate cleaning is more than enough.

The sole is one of the parts of the shoes that suffer the most because they are in constant contact with the dirt of the ground and also support all the weight of our body. At Laüd Recycled, the soles of our sustainable sneakers are made of recycled eva and coffee. This type of material is easy to clean and can be cleaned with a brush or damp cloth. If the stains do not come out, you can apply a little force on the material to make it completely clean.

Here you can watch our video on how to clean your sustainable sneakers the right way.

Before applying cleaning:

After applying cleaning with a damp cloth, water and neutral ph soap.

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