The most sophisticated sustainable sneakers you can buy to dress stylishly and be sustainable at the same time.

If you are consistent with your day-to-day decisions, be consistent with your closet. 

Have you ever thought that you need a pair of sustainable sneakers? Think about it, it makes perfect sense. There are more and more vegan options every day, you've been recycling your garbage for a while now, and have you ever thought about starting to compost your waste? Don't you think it's time to invest in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable closet?

We know that you do your best to have a slower lifestyleWe know that you do your best to have a second-hand, quality clothing, from small local businesses, made in Spain, but maybe it's time to open your mind to new horizons and brands that promote the values that characterize you. values of ethics, sustainability and transparency that characterize you.

Here we show you some of the models of vegan and sustainable sneakers so that you can have a eco-friendly and 100% vegan shoe rack.

The best vegan sneakers you can buy inspired by climate change

White vegan slipper

The White Moon V.2 model is the improved version of the first collection.

With a coffee sole much lighter, vegan leather in white, ribbons of 100% recycled cotton and an imitation leather fabric in beige and cream. They comply with all the rules of the trend of the beautiful sneakers. Sophisticated and versatile.

A MUST that you can't miss this year in your closet.

Vegan slipper

Ice, inspired by the effects of melting ice due to climate change. 

It uses a color palette of ice, gray and light beige tones that inspire the movement. #permantfrost.

The fabrics of this sneaker have been made from 100% plastic bottles and are combined with the vegan leather.


Vegan slipper

Inspired by the movement of Greta Thurenberg movement against the fires on the West Coast of the USA. The FIRE model is combined in red, burgundy, orange and tile details.

A sustainable sneaker that will not go unnoticed for its spectacular design and color combination.


Vegan slipper

Recycled, the brand's most distinctive model. Laüd Recycled. This model is a clear statement of your values and how you live your life.

With a combination of vegan leather in beige tone, PET recycled fabric and brown sole, the Recycled model becomes a basic in our closets for this season.

Vegan slipper

Black Coffee V.2 the second version of the initial Black Coffee model. With a lighter coffee sole and with different textures of recycled fabrics combined with vegan leather. This sustainable sneaker reaches sophistication with taupe details on the toe cap and laces. 

If you are more traditional, this vegan sneaker will become your best ally for this season.

Vegan slipper

Emission designed in gray tones like smoke and anthracite with an acid detail in lime green. This vegan sneaker is inspired by the CO2 emissions emissions produced by pollution.

If you are one of those who live in a big city, maybe this is the model you feel most identified with. #carbonfootprint #co2emissions

Vegan slipper

The sustainable sneaker Plastic Ocean is combined in navy, turquoise and sage green.

They vindicate the situation suffered by the oceans, plagued by plastics accumulated over the years that derive in micro-plastics that end up being the food of the fish that inhabit this ecosystem.

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