Vegan and sustainable sneakers that use coffee

What makes a sneaker vegan and sustainable? Ecodesign and the use of sustainable materials is the basis for creating ecofriendly collections. Using certified materials that do not contain elements of animal origin, i.e. none of the components that are used in the manufacture of the materials as a whole have animal origin even if they look like leather, is what is known as "vegan leather". vegan leather.

The recycled components that are manufactured through the recycling of industrial textile waste such as t-shirt sleeves, waste from large multinationals or "old" used clothing are transformed into new fabrics, thus closing the life cycle of different textile garments.

The eco-design plays a key role in the development of these collections where the combination of textures, fabrics and colors are limited to the availability of sustainable product.  

Its collection of sustainable sneakers has a design where different pieces are combined with a detail in the toe that visually makes it look narrower than it really is. Giving it a more dressed up sneaker look and perfect to combine with your most sophisticated outfits.

Laüd Recycled is born with a collection of a single model with 5 color combinations and a size ranging from 36 to 44. sustainable sneaker with 5 color combinations and sizes from 36 to 44. Its collections are designed and manufactured in Elche, a city where the footwear industry has a great development.

They unify sustainability, fashion and tradition in a brand concept that is committed to transparency and work ethics.

Laüd Recycled participated in the CONAMA 2020 competition in the eco-design category and was among the 8 finalists.

The design of its sustainable slippers where it combines vegan leather, recycled fabrics and coffee grounds make the brand from Elche one of the brands with the highest percentage of recycled product, managing to manufacture with 80% recycled material. sneakers with 80% of recycled material.

One of the most innovative features of the sustainable sneaker collection is the sole made from coffee capsules. "The coffee capsules are taken to a factory where the coffee is separated from the aluminum. The aluminum is recycled and used for other industries, while at Laüd Recycled we use the coffee grounds. This coffee allows us to reduce the use of direct extraction materials and reduce our environmental impact."

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